Conscious Mind Austin is permanently closed as of January 2020. Oak Hill Wellness Clinic is closed as of January 2020.
Welcome to Conscious Mind Austin

There is a buzz in the medical community about the results clients are experiencing with Personalized TMS…but it’s nothing compared to the lives transformed…

Conscious Mind Austin has a growing reputation for helping clients emerge from depression in just 30 days.

Let us show you the path back from despair so that you can get back to living life and enjoying the little things like you were meant to do.

Oak Hill Wellness Clinic and Conscious Mind Austin are closed permanently as of January 2020.


What is Conscious Mind Austin?

There is a depression epidemic in our country. Every 30 seconds someone in the US tries to commit suicide. And too many succeed.

Once you enter into conventional mental health treatment facility the options are very restrictive and can result in permanent damage to your brain. In addition, there is a stigma that follows you once you’ve been labeled as mentally ill. 

It’s not surprising that many find it hard to go on living.

But that needs to change.

At Conscious Mind Austin, we are on a mission to transform how mentally ill patients are treated and help them find a way back to living life on their terms without the medication roller coaster ride that seems to be the only option for so many.

Fortunately, we’ve met Dr. Kevin Murphy, MD the developer and founder of Personalized TMS. And together we have enhanced the lives of thousands of Americans struggling with depression. We hope we can help you too. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for PrTMS
Book a complimentary telephone consultation with our PrTMS Coordinator, Lorrie, today.

“I’ve finally emerged from depression”

“After years of suffering with depression, anxiety, and bipolar symptoms without much relief from medications. I decided it was time to try something different. When I first started PrTMS treatment at Oak Hill Wellness Clinic I was very skeptical.

After just 3 weeks, my symptoms where almost absent. My family and friends began commenting on the difference too. As I was beginning to feel better I was taking steps to improve my life that I’d been avoiding for years. Thank you Dr. Vinay and the team at Oak Hill Wellness Clinic – I’ve finally emerged from depression.”

– C. M.


“PrTMS gave me hope and ultimately changed my life”

“I never thought I would suffer from PTSD. PrTMS gave me hope and ultimately changed my life. PrTMS has delivered the results that I had hoped for. With a few treatments, the darkness soon gave way to a level of light heartedness I’d forgotten was possible.

My peace of mind has increased even during very difficult times and I’m way more engaged in my life than I used to be. I am so grateful to Dr. Vinay and his team at the Oak Hill Wellness Clinic for helping me prepare for what life sends my way.”

– D. S.


“I am very happy I gave PrTMS a try”

“I started PrTMS treatment at Oak Hill Wellness Clinic when nothing else was working.

I was extremely skeptical but I can not believe the results. I still get upset from time to time but things don’t get anywhere near as dark as they used to.

Dr. Vinay and his team are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. The treatments are fast and it goes by quickly and painlessly. I am very happy I gave PrTMS a try and highly recommend you reach out to Oak Hill Wellness Clinic to get started.”

– A. D.